USPTO Data Sets

United States Patent and Trademark Office Bulk Data Downloads

Attention - Important Changes are now in effect. Please Read

Effective December 19, 2016, in an effort to improve the PAIR file downloading process and minimize the requests for files not available on the system, we began providing a daily index file in CSV format that contains an entry for each of the applications that can be downloaded.

The PAIRIndex.txt CSV filefile is compressed into and is posted no later than 10:00AM ET daily. The file contains a row for each application that is on the system. Each row contains the following fields:
- Application Serial Number
- Date scraped from Public PAIR
- File size of the application ZIP archive

Please modify your download process to verify that the application you want is in the PAIR index, and that its posting date is later than the last time you downloaded it, before downloading. This will minimize the number of unnecessary file requests on the servers and provide better download service to everyone.

The daily index file is available here:

Along with the PAIR Index file, the PAIR download URL changed. Further details are available on the Public PAIR tab.

Reed Tech and the USPTO have entered into an agreement to make the following USPTO products available to the public at no charge:

  • Patents (grants, published applications, assignments, classification information, and maintenance fee events)
  • Trademarks (registrations, applications, assignments, and TTAB proceedings)
All data originated from the USPTO. Reed Tech is hosting this data unchanged, except for repackaging some of the data into zip files.