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1.      I have an invention or an idea and want to get a Patent or Trademark.  How do I proceed? How much will it cost?

ReedTech PDD provides bulk Patent and Trademark data under contract with the USPTO. The USPTO website contains useful information


2.      Are there any API's available to download selected patents directly as an extract of the Yellow Book images and Red Book XML?

The PDD system is for distributing bulk Patent and Trademark data. Currently there is no provision to access individual patents in image or XML format from the site.


Bulk Data Files

1.      Where can I download the Trademarks data sets?

The Trademark bulk data sets are available here:


2.      Where can I download the Patents data sets?

The Patents bulk data sets are available here:


3.      The Trademark Multi-page TIFF products stopped in July 2013. Where can I get the Trademark information?

Please see the USPTO Trademarks website for the most current information and to search the Trademarks database.


4.      The current weekly files I am trying to download are not on the download page.

Occasionally a file may be delayed for reasons outside our control. Please wait an hour or two and try to download again.


5.      I downloaded a bulk TAR file and I cannot open the archive.

Please make sure you are using a tool that can open TAR file archives. There are several on the market for Windows, MAC and Linux based systems.


6.      I am extracting files from a TAR archive and encounter an error.

Try the following;

-        Make sure that you have enough disk space to hold the untarred contents of the archive.

-        Make sure that your system operating system can handle archive files that are larger than 2.4GB in size.

-        Try downloading the archive again. If you continue to have errors send us a message with the name of the archive you are having problems opening and we will check the file.


7.      When downloading bulk data I noticed that the URL changed from to or Which site should I download from?

Always point your browser or downloader to ReedTech uses several mechanisms to ensure you can download data efficiently. A cloud-based service is used to deliver the larger of the current week's bulk data files and a separate ReedTech web site delivers other weekly bulk files. While it is important that you always point your browser or downloader to to initiate a download, if the archive you are downloading is a current week's file then your request may be redirected to or


8.      My download speed is very slow.

There are a number of factors that can control how fast the archives download, including geographic location, connection to the Internet, time of day and the number of other users requesting data at the same time.


9.      Some of the bulk files are in XML. Can I get them in CSV or another format?
No, the USPTO provides the bulk data files in XML. Please see for a full description of the file architecture.


1.      How do I bulk download the PAIR data instead of requesting the applications one at a time?

Currently there is no provision to bulk download the PAIR archives. Each application must be entered individually and a zipped archive will be returned containing all the tabular data and PDF files for the application.


2.      The PAIR zipped archives can be large because they contain all the PDF files. Is there a way to download just the tabbed data (TSV) files?

Currently the zipped archive contains the entire Public PAIR record including all the PDF files. The TSV files are not available individually.


3.      Can I use a script to download the PAIR Archives?

Yes, you are allowed to use scripts to download the archives. However, keep in mind there are many requests to download data. We ask that you refrain from inundating the system with a large number of concurrent download requests. Due to the large demand for this data, we reserve the right to limit concurrent downloads from a particular machine/IP address.


4.      Can I access USPTO patents within a specific class/subclass?

The PAIR download system is indexed on application number. We do not have a way to search the archives by class and subclass.

5.      How often is the PAIR download page updated?

New and updated applications are added to the system daily. The PAIR download page is updated each morning with all the applications scraped overnight from Public PAIR.


6.      Are the PAIR archives on PDD as up-to-date as what is available from USPTO Public PAIR?

No. The archives on PDD are acquired from Public PAIR via an automated scraping process. Due to the large volume of records on Public PAIR, only a portion of the content can be updated nightly. For the most up-to-date information you should access the USPTO Public PAIR site at